GTPL Broadband Review

GTPL Broadband Review 2022: GTPL Broadband is the THIRD CLASS Internet Provider Company

  • Today, more than 90% of the world’s population need the Internet.
  • That is why someone has said that a person can spend one day without eating and drinking but one day he/she cannot spend without internet!
  • I recently read in the news found that each person use an average of 1 to 1.5 GB of internet from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night.
  • From this you will realize that the internet is a basic human need.
  • However, nowadays there are many people in the market that provide internet facility through different means.
  • But the most popular way to spread the medium of internet is broadband i.e. wi-fi.
  • However, many people use their net from the dongle or mobile SIM card.
  • But with so many internet providers, customers are definitely confused as to which company’s broadband should I take? Which company’s broadband will be cheaper? Which company’s broadband internet speed is the highest?, Many such questions will surely arise to the customer.
  • So today I will tell you Review, Rating, Plans, Wifi speed, Price of GTPL Broadband Connection. Can a GTPL broadband connection be used for internet?

1) Quick Update

Company NameGTPL
Is GTPL broadband connection good for internet?20%(Very Bad)
Price5900/- (For 1 year
with 40 Mbps)
Customer care1800-419-0419
GTPL phone number97276 33633

2) Is GTPL broadband connection suitable for internet?

  • No, not at all. GTPL broadband connection should not be taken by mistake.
  • I have no broadband connection to connect to the internet but a friend living next to me has a broadband connection from GTPL Company.
  • I don’t mind the speed of GTPL’s internet, but the day GTPL’s broadband problem arises, the internet will stop coming to your house.
GTPL Broadband Review: GTPL Broadband is the THIRD CLASS Internet Provider Company
  • This means that the internet will not come to your house at all until a man from GTPL comes to your house to check the broadband connection!
  • GTPL broadband connection should not be used by mistake due to really nonsense service and unreliable internet speed.
  • This means that if you have a plan of 40 Mbps for internet connection in your home, the speed of 40 mbps will not be constant.
GTPL Broadband Review: GTPL Broadband is the THIRD CLASS Internet Provider Company
  • So what I mean is that there is no point in taking such a broadband connection, if you don’t get internet speed only on the day when you really need internet.
  • If you want to take the service of broadband connection in your home, any company other than GTPL can be adopted.
  • And at the same time “I want to say that no company provides internet at a cheaper price than GTPL.”
  • So if you need uninterrupted speed of internet then GTPL broadband connection should not be taken.

3) Special Ratings

Internet speed – 3/10

Price (Value for money) – 9/10

Service – 1/10

Overall Experience – 2/10

4) My Opinion On GTPL Broadband Connection

  • After reading the above article in detail, you must have realized whether I should take GTPL broadband connection for my house or not.
  • If you still don’t realize, I can only suggest you don’t take GTPL broadband connection!

If you also have a GTPL broadband connection at home or you would like to provide some information about GTPL broadband connection you can also express your opinion here.

Amul Puffles Review

Amul Puffles Review – Best Snacks Item For Your Kids!

  • Amul is the largest dairy company in India.
  • In India, about 60 to 70 percent of people start their morning with Amul milk.
  • Every month, Amul distributes not only milk products but also some cool items, baby snacks and other food items to its customers.
  • So let us know today the latest product Amul puffles Released(November 2019) by the company which can be used as a snack.
  • And know amul puffles review, test and detailed information of the product.

1) Introduction Of Amul Puffles

  • Amul puffles recently released by Amul Company are intended to be used primarily for children’s snacks.
  • Although Amul puffles are available in four flavors:

1) Cheesy Burst

2) Fiery Peri Peri

3) Tango Tomato

4) Pudina Pataka

Crispy Amul Puffles Review - Best Breakfast Item For Your Child!
  • This item made from corn flour is very crispy and kids will definitely love these puffles.

2) Special Ratings

Crispy – 10/10

Taste – 9.1/10

Energy – 4/10

Overall Experience – 7.4/10

3) Full Specifications Of Amul Puffles

Product NameAmul Puffles
Weight30 gms
Launching DateNovember 2019
Available FlavoursCheesy Burst
Pudina Pataka
Fiery Peri Peri
Tango Tomato
Shelf Life4 Months
Storage Condition20-22 Β°C (Room temp.)
Made FromCorn Flour
Energy396 kcal
Total Fat9.8 gm
Total Carbo.77.8 gm
Sodium1415 mg
Added Sugar7.6 gm
Availability On All Amul Store

4) My Opinion On Amul Puffles

  • The best thing about this product is that it can be eaten directly by opening the packet.
  • So if you go out somewhere, you can enjoy the puffles just by breaking the packet.
  • I especially like to eat puffles in morning tea.
  • You should also try this new amul product once.
  • Although I prefer the cheesy burst flavor for this.
Anand Fast Food(Ankur) Review, Food, Menu, Price & Contact Number - Ahmedabad

Anand Fast Food(Ankur) Review, Food, Menu, Price & Contact Number – Ahmedabad

  • People living in Ankur, Naranpura, Chanakyapuri, Ghatlodia & Shashtrinagar must have heard the name Anand fast food.
  • And not only that, many people must have tasted the food there.
  • Today we are going to talk about Anand Fast Food, which is located in Ankur area in Ahmedabad.
  • So let us know about Anand Fast Food Ahmedabad review, rating, sandwich, Anand’s special sandwich, grill, dabeli, Vadapav, Cold Coffee, panipuri and many other items ….

1) Introduction of Anand fast food Ankur Ahmedabad

  • Anand fast food, which has been famous for the last ten years, is now in the hearts of the people
  • Because when you go and stand there, you get almost all the items to eat.
  • And especially if the specialty of fast food sandwiches is something different.
  • Pineapple mix + Cadbury Sandwich is very famous for breakfast!
  • And at the same time the pizza and other items from there are also marvelous.
  • But one thing is bad there: There is no arrangement to sit and eat!
  • The biggest pleasure is the drawback of fast food.
  • However, ‘if they manages to sit in fast food, it will be excellent.’

2) Anand Fast Food Ankur (Ahmedabad) Menu, Price & Contact Number

Menu & Price

ItemsPrice Range
All Types Of Sandwiches20 to 135/-
Jumbo Sandwiches135 to 160/-
Bhel, Maskabun, Puff25 to 95/-
Dabeli24 to 64/-
Vadapav24 to 54/-
Jain Items25 to 54/-
Pizza90 to 105/-
Hot dog & Burger 60 to 90/-
Open Toast90 to 125/-
Panipuri20 to 60/-
Milk Shake50 to 80/-
Lassi45 to 70/-

Contact Number

3) Special Ratings By Review Duniya

Taste – 8.9/10

Price(Value for money) – 8.1/10

Service – Self Service

Atmosphere – 5/10

4) My Opinion On Anand Fast Food Ankur – Ahmedabad

  • I have been enjoying Anand fast food for almost the last six years.
  • And whenever I cross this road, “I definitely take advantage of the Delicious Food.”
  • And this is not just a branch, but in front of it is Anand Dal Vada and Anand Bhajipav and Pulav in Shastringar – it is also their branches.
  • Really if you pass by the road of Shastrinnagar or Ankur taste the sandwich here as well as the cold coffee.

Dabur Ambla Hair Oil Review

Dabur Ambla Hair Oil Review 2022

1) Introduction (Requirement of Hair Oil)

  • A man’s personality is made up of his gestures, clothes as well as hair hairstyles as well as his length, strength and hair color.
  • A recent newspaper article found that about 70 percent of the world’s population apply oil to their scalp every morning after bathing.
  • Applying oil on the scalp keeps the hair strong and black as well as gives you a different vibe.
  • However, there are a lot of oil sellers in the market right now, and there is a big competition to sell oil in the market.
  • At this time my dear readers must be having trouble deciding which oil to use on my hair.
  • And at the same time you may be asking a lot of questions like, which is the best company to apply oil on the head? Can I apply oil on my scalp daily? What can I do to strengthen my hair and keep it black for a long time? Wouldn’t applying this company’s oil have any side effects for me? Many such questions will necessarily arise in your mind.
  • Which is why today I will give you a very accurate and systematic answer to all these questions through this article and also tell you whether the Dabur Ambla Hair Oil available in the market will be good for your hair or not.
  • So let us know about Dabur Ambla Hair Oil, Review, Ratings, Price & Specifications. And also let me tell you that Dabur Amla oil will be good for your hair?

2) Quick Update of Dabur Ambla Hair Oil

Product nameDabur Ambla Hair Oil
Company Dabur
Dabur Amla oil will be good for my hair?75%(Good)
ManufactureDabur India Lt.
Price120 to 225/-
Pros of Dabur Ambla Hair OilNon sticky oil
Natural oil
Cheapest price
Cons of Dabur Ambla Hair OilStrong smell
Problem in bottle hole
Official website

Dabur Ambla Hair Oil – 450gm

3) My Experience with Dabur Ambla Hair Oil

  • But when I went to my uncle’s house to enjoy the vacation, I forgot to take my Navratna oil, that is, my oil remained at my house.
  • Although there didn’t work for a day or two, I had to stay at my uncle’s house for about two weeks, so I had to use Dabur Amla Hair Oil.
  • For the first time, I hesitated while taking Dabur Amla Hair Oil and I also had many questions like you.

Dabur Almond Hair Oil (Best Product for You)

  • But when I applied Dabur Amla Hair Oil on my head, I felt a different freshness.
  • And after that I started applying Dabur Amla Hair Oil every day.
  • I would also suggest you to apply dabur amla hair oil on the scalp, and I would also guarantee that applying dabur amla hair oil will not cause any side effects in your hair!

4) Special Ratings

Quality – 9/10

Quantity – 9/10

Fragrance – 7/10

Price (Value for money) – 8.5/10

Overall Experience – 8.7/10

5) Conclusion

  • After reading the above article in detail, you may have realized whether Dabur Amla Hair Oil is good or not.
  • I really enjoyed using this product and I hope you like Dabur Amla Hair Oil too.

If you also use Dabur Amla Hair Oil or you want to tell something about Dabur Amla Hair Oil you can also express your valuable opinion here

Gajab Thai Gayo(2022) Gujarati Movie Release Date, Cast, Crew, Budget, Box Office Collection

DOWNLOAD Gajab Thai Gayo(2022) Gujarati Movie Filmyzilla

Corona has caused a lot of damage to the film world in the last two years. But if we talk about our Bollywood films and Gujarati films, Bollywood films are made a lot compared to Gujarati films.

Gujarati film world started in 2015. Although Gujarati cinema is many years old, but it evolved in 2015. However, no Gujarati film has been released in 2022 this year except Dear Father. Dear Father Gujarati Movie was the first film of 2022 which was released in the month of March.

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So let’s know today Cast, Crew, Budget, Box Office Collection of Gajab Thai Gayo Gujarati Movie and much more.(

Download this movie HD

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Gajab Thai Gayo Gujarati Movie Release Date

On March 4, 2022, famous Gujarati actor Malhar Thakar posted a motion picture of his upcoming film. Gahar Thai Gayo is the name of Malhar Thakar first film of 2022.

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In addition, Malhar Thakar also said that the film will be released in April 2022. According to Malhar Thakar, Gajab Thai Gayo Gujarati movie release date is 7th April 2022. Producers and directors say that the film was not released on OTT platforms but will be released in theaters near you.

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I am very much looking forward to seeing this movie. Because I have been wondering for a long time whether any film by Malhar Thakar will be released this year or not. But when I saw Malhar Thacker’s instagram post, I thought that one of Malhar Thacker’s films will definitely come this year πŸ™‚

Gajab Thai Gayo Gujarati Movie Download in 720p 480p HD

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Movie nameGajab Thai Gayo Gujarati Movie
Budget48 lakh
Box Office CollectionComing soon!

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Love Hostel movie review and rating

Love Hostel movie review and rating

Red Chilies Entertainment present Love Hostel is an Indian upcoming crime thriller movie, which is scheduled to premiere on 25th February 2022 on ZEE5. So, today I watched the whole Love Hostel movie. And I really enjoyed watching this movie. There are a lot of good things in this movie and a lot of things I don’t like. So today I will tell you the full story of Love Hostel movie and also the rating of every single thing associated with the movie. So let us know today the Honest Review and Rating of Love Hostel Movie.

Love Hostel movie cast, crew and budget

NameLove Hostel Movie 
Premier on (platform Name)ZEE5
Released Date   25th February 2022
Lead actorsBobby Deol
Vikrant Massey
Sanya Malhotra 
GenreCrime, action thriller drama
DirectedShanker Raman
Producers   Gauri Khan
Manish Mundra
Gaurav Verma
Written byShanker Raman
Mehak Jamal
Yogi Singha
Screenplay byShanker Raman
Budget35 lakh

Love Hostel review

Love Hostel is a 2022’s romantic thriller film directed by Shanker Raman and produced by Gauri Khan, Manish Mundra and Gaurav Verma.

I did not have much fun in the movie Love Hostel although this movie is mainly based on the name of the movie. This means that love is given more importance in this film. In the film, the hero and heroine fall in love and run away and get married and go into hiding.

In the movie Bobby Dewal Love Hostel, this lover goes around looking for feathers with a gun. Now all you have to see in the movie Love Hostel is whether this hero and heroine will survive or will be caught by Bobby Deval?

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However, I found this film very ordinary and there is nothing special in this film because I did not see any twist or turn in the story of the film. However, if you want to know what happens to Vikrant Messi’s film, you can definitely watch the film. Else I didn’t have much fun in this movie.

Love Hostel rating

Action: 1/10

Cinematography: 8/10

Story: 5/10

Acting: 9/10

Overall experience: 6.5 / 10

I sincerely hope you enjoyed this review. If there is any error in the waiting in this review, you can do so in the comment box. And if you like this post don’t forget to share this blogpost with your friends. Thanks πŸ™‚

The Kashmir Files movie trailer's review

The Kashmir Files movie trailer’s review

On February 21, I saw the trailer of The Kashmir Files. And I really liked this trailer. Here’s what I like to tell you about why I like it and why I like it. So let’s see The Kashmir Files Trailer Review and Rating.

The Kashmir Files movie trailer’s review

The issue of Kashmir in India has been plaguing the people for the last many years, and this has caused great distress to many Indians living in North India and our country’s soldiers. However, I already think that this film will be a lot of fun.

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Everything that happened to the Pandit of Kashmir in the 19th century is seen in the trailer and it is also shown in the trailer that this whole incident will also be shown in this movie. Apart from this I am a country lover so I would love to watch this movie because this movie deals with the issue of Kashmir in a very systematic way which I felt from the trailer.

Watch the trailer: The Kashmir Files | Official Trailer I Anupam I Mithun I Darshan I Pallavi I Vivek I 11 March 2022 – YouTube

The film will tell the story of the plight of Kashmir’s Pandits. However, there are very good reviews of the trailer of this movie on the internet. And we are all very lucky to see the true story of the 19th century through a movie. And this movie has very good actors so it will be a lot of fun to watch the movie.

The Kashmir Files movie trailer’s ratings

Music: 8/10

Acting: 8.5/10

Cinematography: 9/10

Story: 10/10

Overall experience: 8.5/10

About The Kashmir Files movie

Directed by:Vivek Agnihotri
Produced by:Tej Narayan Agarwal, Abhishek Agarwal, Pallavi Joshi, Vivek Agnihotri
Screenplay:Vivek Agnihotri, Saurabh M Pandey
Music by:NA
Cinematography (DOP):Udaysingh Mohite
Edited by:Shankh Rajadhyaksha
Production Company:Zee Studios, Abhishek Aggarwal Arts, I Am Buddha, Vivek Agnihotri Creates
Distributed by:Zee Studios

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The Great Indian Murder Season-1 Full Review

The Great Indian Murder Season-1 Full Review

Just last night I watched The Great Indian Murder web series in full, in which I liked a lot of real things and a lot of bad things, so I would give The Great Indian Murder web series a rating of five out of ten, if not more. I will tell you why I did this through this article. This article covers everything from The Great Indian Murder web series and will also tell you if this web series is really worth seeing. So you can decide if I can see this.

A straight forward review on The Great Indian Murder Season-1

Many pictures and web series are remade in Bollywood although the source of the remake is the film. But this web series is based on a book. However, creating a web series from a book is not an easy task as it involves a lot of characters and a lot of stories. Apart from this, director Tigmanshu dhulia is a very popular director in the world. I really appreciate the work of that director. The first two episodes at the beginning of the web series are very hectic and very exciting but I think you may get bored from episodes 2 to 7. Because episode 7 showed a very slow process so I got bored watching this web series. Don’t know why retaining viewers in a web series is a unique thing that not everyone has. I was a little bored though.

The Great Indian Murder Season Rating

Story: 7/10

Directing: 9/10

Action: 8.5/10

Acting: 10/10

Boring: 4/10

Overall experience: 7.5/10


So you can better watch The Great Indian Murder web series only if you have a regular time of seven to eight hours. However, due to Vikrant in this series, I was a little interested. Apart from this, now it is up to you to watch The Great Indian Murder web series. I hope you enjoyed this whole article. And yes friends if you really liked this article of mine don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.

Rudra web series(2022) trailer review and rating

Rudra web series(2022) trailer review and rating

Rudra, a web series called Mysterious, Thriller and Ending Curiosity has been released on Disney Plus Hotstar on January 29. I really enjoyed watching the trailer and I hope you get to know and learn a lot from this article. Here is a short trailer review of Rudra web series, its ratings and discussion of cast in detail as well as in a systematic way which you will definitely like.

Rudra web series trailer

The trailer for the Rudra web series was recently released by Disney Plus Hosters via youtube. Including Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgn. Along with Ajay Devgn, this web series also includes Rasshi, Atul, Ashwini and Ashish.

There is talk of Ajay Devgn being an honest and best police officer. The trailer of the web series looks very exciting and suspenseful. So that would be a lot of fun to watch.

However many honest people who give trailer reviews on youtube also say that this web series is copied and there is nothing new in this web series. But I think they are completely wrong because I have not seen any web series or movie like this one.

The trailer was launched on January 29, 2020. Today, on the 17th, the trailer has been viewed by over 31 million people. Which is why this web series is so special.

Rudra web series’ trailer ratings

Story: 7/10

Cinematography: 8.5/10

Thriller: 9/10

Comedy: 2/10

Suspense; 9.5/10

Overall experience: 7.5/10

Rudra web series cast and crew

Web Series NameRudra The Edge of Darkness
CastAjay Devgn 
Esha Deol 
Raashi Khanna
Atul Kulkarni
Ashwini Kalsekar 
Ashish Vidyarthi
Milind Gunaji
OTTDisney+ Hotstar
Released Date   4-3-2022
GenreCrime, Psychological, action thriller drama
Director Venkat Prabhu
ProducerSameer Nair
Based onLuther by Neil Cross

Release date and release time of Rudra web series

Premiere date of Rudra web series is 4th March 2022. This web series will only available on Disney plus Hotstar.