Decoupled Web Series Budget and Box Office Collection

Decoupled is a film about a separating from couple exploring the bewildering universe of marriage. Watch R Madhavan and Surveen Chawla present you the most notable yet generally secret story. Decoupled will be accessible on Netflix on December 17th!

The show will follow a couple who are disappointed with their marriage. They simply live respectively for their kid. The idiocies and irritations of life in their rich climate are shuffled by a cynical author and his startup-organizer spouse. You might see the entire trailer underneath for a superior comprehension of the storey.

Here we will show you some interesting news about Decoupled TV Series:

Decoupled Web Series Budget

After watching this web series what is your prediction on budget? You may thought that almost 50 or 60 lakh.

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Ok leave it, I am going to tell you, I definitely know that you will be felt wonder after know the Budget, salary and box office collection of Decoupled Web Series.

The entire budget of Decoupled Web Series is almost 4.17 crore! I know it’s unbelievable and unthinkable matter but the budget has escalated grammatically due to cost of heavy guns, various locations, cast and crew expenditure, high quality cameras, VFX.

Decoupled Web Series Box Office Collection

However, when Netflix has published a teaser on YouTube then it goes viral and reached up to 2.4 million viewers in just 48 hours, from this, you can predict the enthusiasm of human beings towards Decoupled Web Series.
It’s a hard to find the box office collection in OTT plate form although according to the latest news we have found a latest box office collection of Decoupled Web Series.
In a nutshell, the whole box office collection has been striking 8.23 crore in just 1 day, eventually, the total box office collection has remarked around 147.89 crore.

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