Dhuandhaar Gujarati Movie Cast, Crew, Budget and Review

Dhuandhaar is a new Gujarati movie. Malhar Thakar, Hiten Kumar, Netri Trivedi, Dimple Biscuitwala and Alisha Prajapati are main cast of the movie. The movie is written and directed by Rehan Chaudhary.

Dhuandhaar Gujarati Movie review

I personally like Dhuandhaar movie very much and I give this movie 8.5 rating out of ten. So I am a big fan of Malhar Thackeray so I like all the films of Malhar Thackeray. And at the same time I really liked Netri Trivedi’s acting in this film.

Basically this movie has love, romance and a little bit of comedy so almost everyone will like this movie. In addition, these films are a complete family film, which means that all the members of the household can sit and watch the film.

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Dhuandhaar Movie Cast

See here the full cast with their names :

  • Malhar Thakar as Aarav.
  • Netri Trivedi as Geet.
  • Alisha Prajapati as Nandini.
  • Dimple Biscuitwala as Saraswati aka Sir.
  • Hiten Kumar as Inspector Wagh.
  • Dhruvin Baraiya as Constable.
  • Deep Dholakia as Anand.
  • Ashish Kakkad as Nirmish Mehta.

Dhuandhaar Gujarati budget

The budget of Dhuandhaar Gujarati movie is approximately 15 lakh rupees. However, this figure is very modest, meaning that the budget is not too high. But watching the film, I did not think that the budget of this film would be so low. The film was really great and I had a lot of fun with Malhar Thakkar in it.

Dhuandhaar Gujarati Box office collection

The Dhuandhaar film was released in 2021. However, Corona was furious at the time so the film did not earn much but the box office collection of the Dhuandhaar film has crossed 47 lakhs. Which is a very surprising thing.

Dhuandhaar Gujarati Movie (2021)

MovieDhuandhaar (2021)
Release DateSummar 2021
CastMalhar Thakar
Hiten Kumar
Netri Trivedi
Dimple Biscuitwala
Alisha Prajapati
DirectorRehan Chaudhary
ProducerNigam Desai
Jeegar Chauhan
Executive ProducerAjay Kannaujiya
Creative ProducerDarshan Kadia
Budget15 Lakh
StoryRehan Chaudhary
ScreenplayRehan Chaudhary
MusicKedar Bhargav

Official Trailer of Dhuandhaar Gujarati Movie

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