GTPL Broadband Review 2022: GTPL Broadband is the THIRD CLASS Internet Provider Company

  • Today, more than 90% of the world’s population need the Internet.
  • That is why someone has said that a person can spend one day without eating and drinking but one day he/she cannot spend without internet!
  • I recently read in the news found that each person use an average of 1 to 1.5 GB of internet from waking up in the morning to going to bed at night.
  • From this you will realize that the internet is a basic human need.
  • However, nowadays there are many people in the market that provide internet facility through different means.
  • But the most popular way to spread the medium of internet is broadband i.e. wi-fi.
  • However, many people use their net from the dongle or mobile SIM card.
  • But with so many internet providers, customers are definitely confused as to which company’s broadband should I take? Which company’s broadband will be cheaper? Which company’s broadband internet speed is the highest?, Many such questions will surely arise to the customer.
  • So today I will tell you Review, Rating, Plans, Wifi speed, Price of GTPL Broadband Connection. Can a GTPL broadband connection be used for internet?

1) Quick Update

Company NameGTPL
Is GTPL broadband connection good for internet?20%(Very Bad)
Price5900/- (For 1 year
with 40 Mbps)
Customer care1800-419-0419
GTPL phone number97276 33633

2) Is GTPL broadband connection suitable for internet?

  • No, not at all. GTPL broadband connection should not be taken by mistake.
  • I have no broadband connection to connect to the internet but a friend living next to me has a broadband connection from GTPL Company.
  • I don’t mind the speed of GTPL’s internet, but the day GTPL’s broadband problem arises, the internet will stop coming to your house.
GTPL Broadband Review: GTPL Broadband is the THIRD CLASS Internet Provider Company
  • This means that the internet will not come to your house at all until a man from GTPL comes to your house to check the broadband connection!
  • GTPL broadband connection should not be used by mistake due to really nonsense service and unreliable internet speed.
  • This means that if you have a plan of 40 Mbps for internet connection in your home, the speed of 40 mbps will not be constant.
GTPL Broadband Review: GTPL Broadband is the THIRD CLASS Internet Provider Company
  • So what I mean is that there is no point in taking such a broadband connection, if you don’t get internet speed only on the day when you really need internet.
  • If you want to take the service of broadband connection in your home, any company other than GTPL can be adopted.
  • And at the same time “I want to say that no company provides internet at a cheaper price than GTPL.”
  • So if you need uninterrupted speed of internet then GTPL broadband connection should not be taken.

3) Special Ratings

Internet speed – 3/10

Price (Value for money) – 9/10

Service – 1/10

Overall Experience – 2/10

4) My Opinion On GTPL Broadband Connection

  • After reading the above article in detail, you must have realized whether I should take GTPL broadband connection for my house or not.
  • If you still don’t realize, I can only suggest you don’t take GTPL broadband connection!

If you also have a GTPL broadband connection at home or you would like to provide some information about GTPL broadband connection you can also express your opinion here.

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