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Director Suresh Triveni has again released a movie for you through Amazon prime video, which is called Jalsa movie. Audience and critics reviews are very good on this movie so many people like this movie very much.

So today I am going to tell you some new information of Jalsa movie which you have never heard before. So let us know the entire budget of Vidya Balan’s movie Jalsa movie and the box office collection on amazon prime video OTT platform.

Jalsa movie(2022) Budget

After watching Jalsa movie what is your prediction on budget? You may thought that almost 1 or 2 crore.
Ok leave it, I am going to tell you, I definitely know that you will be felt wondor after know the Budget, salary and box office collection of Jalsa movie.

The entire budget of Jalsa movie(2022) is almost 18 crore!
I know it’s unbelievable and unthinkable matter but the budget has escalated grammatically due to various locations, cast and crew expenditure, high quality cameras, VFX etc…

Jalsa movie(2022) Box Office Collection

However, when Amazon prime video has published a teaser on YouTube then it goes viral and reached up to 17 million viewers in just 48 hours, from this, you can predict the enthusiasm of human beings towards Jalsa movie(2022).
It’s a hard to find the box office collection in OTT plate form although according to the latest news we have found a latest box office collection of Jalsa movie(2022).
In a nutshell, the whole box office collection has been striking 7 crore in just 1 day, eventually, the total box office collection has remarked around 97.64 crore.

About Jalsa movie(2022)

Written by:-Prajwal Chandrashekar,
Suresh Triveni,
Hussain Dalal,
Abbas Dalal
Directed by:-Suresh Triveni
Producer by:-Bhushan Kumar,
Krishan Kumar,
Vikram Malhotra,
Shikhaa Sharma
Cast:-Vidya Balan
Shefali Shah
Iqbal Khan
Rohini Hattangadi
Vidhatri Bandi
Shrikant Yadav
Trushant Ingle
Ghanshyam Lalsa
Surya Kasibhatla
Shafeen Patel
Music by:-Gaurav Chatterji (Thehar)
Cinematography:-Saurabh Goswami
Editing by:-Shivkumar V. Panicker
Production company:-T-Series, Abundantia Entertainment
Distributor:-Amazon Prime Video

Official Teaser of Jalsa movie(2022)

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