Lalbazar Web Series (Zee5) Review, Rating, Story, Cast, All Episodes

  • The trailer released with the background voice of famous Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn made me feel very strong. Let’s know today Lalbazar (Zee5) Review, Rating, Plot, Screenplay, Story, Cast & Crew, All Epidodes and many more…
  • Before watching any movie or web series, you must first read its review because by reading the review you will know whether this web series is really “worth watching”. If you go to see a movie or a webseries directly, your time, internet and money are wasted.
  • “So I will tell you the true and reliable review of Lalbazar web series – Zee5

1) Who Should Watch this Web Series – “Lalbazar Web Series Zee5…?”

  • Murder and beatings are mainly emphasized in the Lalbazar Web Series – ZEE5
  • However, the police are ready to take action to solve all these cases.
  • However, the crime as well as its investigation and the entire web series are based on the events in the city of Kolkata (and this is how crime happens in the city of Kolkata).
  • I will suggest you other web series like red market web series so that you realize whether this web series is worth watching for me or not.

Similar web series/movie/serieal like Lal bazar :- Sacred Games, CID(TV Serial), Crime patrol(TV serieal), Bhokal etc…

2) Special Ratings By

Crime – 9.8/10

Romance – 8/10

Acting – 9/10

Cinematography – 9/10

Thriller – 9.1/10

Story – 7.7/10

Overall Experience – 7/10

3) Full Information Of Lalbazar Web Series Zee5

Name/Title Lalbazar
Available On Zee5
Focused ThingsCrime, Thriller
Violent, Love
Release Date 19/6/2020 
No. Of Seasons 
No. Of Episode 10
Box Office Collection Coming Soon
BudgetNot Known
Free/Paid Paid
Language Hindi 
Subtitles Available in English 
No. Of Views 
Director Sayantan Ghosal
Original NetworkZEE5
Main CastSauraseni Maitra
Rob Dey
Subrat Dutt
Gaurav Chakrabarty
Shantilal Mukherjee

Lalbazar All Episodes:-

EpisodesLength (min)
Episode 1 35:52
Episode 2 39:25
Episode 3 41:11
Episode 4 44:15
Episode 5 37:31
Episode 6 28:42
Episode 7 40:56
Episode 8 34:44
Episode 9 36:24
Episod 1042:49

4) Story Of Lalbazar Web Series (Zee5) In Just Few Words

If I tell you the full story of this web series, you will not like this web series, so I will present you this web series in just a few words.

  • In Lal Bazar Web Series, A woman has been murdered and the police team is working on a full investigation. And the police seem to be coming out with one new and strange incident after another.
  • And all this whole event is presented in a very dark theme, which you will love. As well as the web series featuring things like romance, speculation, alcohol, strong language, suspense, guns, fights, murder, etc…

5) My Opinion On Lalbazar Web Series Web Series Zee5

  • I didn’t have much fun watching the Lalbazar web series. However the story of web series is not bad but, this type of “story has been used in many web series before.”
  • So you won’t find anything new in this web series. And so many characters are used in the web series that confuses viewers. So this web series is the same as CID and Crime Patrol serial.

And you have any other information about this web series or if you want to say something on  Lal Bazar web series, then you can submit your valuable opinions here 🙂

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