Pawankhind movie Budget and entire Box Office Collection

The movie Pawankhind was released in theaters on 18 February 2020. And I really want to tell you the budget and box office collection of Pawankhind movie right now so I am going to tell you all the details of Pawankhind movie through this blog post. So let us know the complete budget of Pawankhind movie and details of box office collection.

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Few details of Pawankhind movie(2022)

Directed By: Digpal Lanjekar

Produced by :Ajay Arekar, Aniruddha Arekar, Bhausaheb Arekar

Main cast: Chinmay Mandlekar, Mrinal Kulkarni, Prajakta Mali, Dipti Ketkar, Ruchi Savarn, Madhavi Nemkar

Cinematography by: Amol Gole

Music by: Devdutta Manisha Baji

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Pawankhind movie official trailer

Pawankhind पावनखिंड Official Trailer | Marathi Movie 2022 | Digpal Lanjekar, Mrinal,Chinmay,Prajakta – YouTube

Pawankhind movie Budget

The budget of Pawankhind movie is around Rs 12 crore, which is quite a surprise though the price is not too high. Although this movie is a Marathi movie, it is a challenge to complete the movie on such a low budget. This is about the budget of this movie, but going down now you will read about the box office collection of this movie, and then you will feel that the budget is nothing more than the box office earnings of this movie.

Pawankhind movie Box Office Collection

The box office collection of Pawankhind movie changes day by day. And this Marathi movie has earned a lot of money so far. The remarkable thing here as well as the surprising thing is that Pawankhind movie is a Marathi movie and this movie is a movie that only runs in Maharashtra district yet Pawankhind movie has won the hearts of many people.

As I said earlier, the box office collection of this movie is changing day by day, but if we talk about our total box office collection, the total box office collection of Pawankhind movie is 124.70 crores!

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