The Great Indian Murder Season-1 Full Review

Just last night I watched The Great Indian Murder web series in full, in which I liked a lot of real things and a lot of bad things, so I would give The Great Indian Murder web series a rating of five out of ten, if not more. I will tell you why I did this through this article. This article covers everything from The Great Indian Murder web series and will also tell you if this web series is really worth seeing. So you can decide if I can see this.

A straight forward review on The Great Indian Murder Season-1

Many pictures and web series are remade in Bollywood although the source of the remake is the film. But this web series is based on a book. However, creating a web series from a book is not an easy task as it involves a lot of characters and a lot of stories. Apart from this, director Tigmanshu dhulia is a very popular director in the world. I really appreciate the work of that director. The first two episodes at the beginning of the web series are very hectic and very exciting but I think you may get bored from episodes 2 to 7. Because episode 7 showed a very slow process so I got bored watching this web series. Don’t know why retaining viewers in a web series is a unique thing that not everyone has. I was a little bored though.

The Great Indian Murder Season Rating

Story: 7/10

Directing: 9/10

Action: 8.5/10

Acting: 10/10

Boring: 4/10

Overall experience: 7.5/10


So you can better watch The Great Indian Murder web series only if you have a regular time of seven to eight hours. However, due to Vikrant in this series, I was a little interested. Apart from this, now it is up to you to watch The Great Indian Murder web series. I hope you enjoyed this whole article. And yes friends if you really liked this article of mine don’t forget to share this with your friends and family.

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