Why I am giving 1/5 rating for Looop Lapeta movie(2022)?

What is this Looop Lapeta movie(2022)?

Just three days ago I saw a new movie Looop Lapeta on Netflix. Really watching this movie made me very tired and literally bored. Boring dialogues, boring scenes and nonsense were shown in this film which I did not like at all.

Don’t know why all these things are being shown to people in the name of entertainment in Indian cinema? But the strange thing is that Looop Lapeta is a remake of the original German film. However, there is a stark difference between Looop Lapeta and the remake of the original film.

Why I don’t like Looop Lapeta movie(2022)?

The original film had very explosive action as well as strong dialogue while this Bollywood movie has taken some unpleasant scenes. Everything in this film was boring. However, I did not like the acting done by the cast in this film at all. As well as acting, things like screenplay, directing dialogue, etc. were also very bad.

The most nonsense scene in the movie Looop Lapeta struck me as Shreya Dhanvantari. The main issue is not mentioned in the film and the length of the film is greatly increased, although I think the focus of the filmmakers was on the length of the film. I really have no words to describe the film.

Looop Lapeta movie(2022) Ratings

Actually I don’t like to give ratings on this movie but I have to write the review because of their reckless!

Screen play: 1/10

Acting: 2/10

Directing: 0/10

Suspense: 1/10

Overall experience: 1/10

My final words on Looop Lapeta movie(2022)

So all my friends are requested to watch other movies or web series if you have time but don’t waste time watching Looop Lapeta movie at all. Because I have wasted two and a half hours in my life, I urge you not to watch this movie.

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